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Myrna, aka madmoiselle, first experienced the world of music in her early childhood. Over the years, her musical journey has taken her through a captivating evolution from classical to electronic genres, yet her finely tuned sensibility for harmony and sound symbiosis has remained a constant. Today, she leverages this profound musical understanding in her track selection and when weaving her sets together. Madmoiselle‘s passion extends beyond the dance floor, as she enjoys creating gentle and emotionally- charged podcasts. Yet, when the night comes alive and the dance floor calls, she revels in delivering energetic performances. Her sets are a harmonious blend of Midtempo beats, Melodic Techno, carefully curated edits, and Indie Disco vibes. They are an invitation to dance, a journey of melodies, an emotional rollercoaster, and occasionally an opportunity to sing along. In 2021, Myrna took her first step onto the stage. One year later, she got pregnant. After a brief break, she‘s now back behind the decks, driven by her passion for music and the desire to move hearts and bodies through sound.