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Elias Doré



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Berlin-based DJ and producer Elias Doré paints tonal stories that seek to deepen human connection and invoke the innermost parts of your imagination. Inspired by years of musicianship in various bands, he seamlessly blends Organic House, Melodic Techno, Indie Dance, Afro House and Disco into his sets. With this vibrant tapestry of genres and his infectiously joyful presence, his performances regularly turn into what has been described as ecstatic meditations of loving kindness. His sound is warm, yet powerful, energetic and sophisticated, yet always on a clear dramaturgic path – inviting his audience to collectively dive deeper into the innately psychedelic dream of this present moment.

In an electronic musical landscape where harder, darker, and faster are the trends, Elias refuses to conform. He embraces the deep and the harmonious and has an uncanny ability to weave surprisingly eclectic tracks into his sets. This distinct musical blend speaks universally to audiences of conscious dance events as well as to the dancefloors of Berlin’s notorious nightlife, desert gatherings in the Middle-East or warehouse raves in Sao Paulo. Having firmly established himself in the scene, he left his mark on countless stations of the electronic music circuit, from Fusion to Garbicz and Burning Man to Bucht der Träumer. He continues to refine his artistic vision with releases on labels such as A Tribe Called Kotori, XYZ or 3000 Grad, while also curating the catalogue of his crews’ own label, Rebellion der Träumer.edited 13:07