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Among those that witness her perform, many recount having a feeling of kinship towards a new sound. A familiarity towards the unfamiliar. Such is the transformative nature of Borella; a conduit of self-discovery. A territory where the audience can unearth deep connections to music.
Born and raised in Iran and now based out of Berlin, Germany – Borella started her musical training in her early days and later went on to pursue classical ballet training, something that she believes has influenced her life strongly.
Around the time she was graduating from art school she felt a certain connection to the world of dance music. It wasn’t much later that she began performing, starting from a tiny unknown bar to frequent appearances at one of North America’s best night clubs; CODA.
Borella’s dedication and love for her craft has brought her notable accolades, including support from Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, Armen Miran’s Reborn Project and Mira from Kater Blau (Berlin).