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Bonnie Ford



  • Berlin
  • she/her
    • Rummels Bucht

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In the rhythm of dark and brute cascades of massive basslines and melodic staccato, buccaneer Bonnie Ford steers the dancefloor through nights of ecstasy and fierce exuberance. With her concentrated mix of deep tech, techno & tech house she gives a clear command to the crowd: full speed ahead! Growing up in the legendary Rummelsbucht, she played a major role in shaping the infamous sound of the ‘Brücke’ floor, and then took it out into the world via her many stages from Kater to Sisyphos, from Fusion in Lärz to Chateau Perché in France.

In doing so, Bonnie radiates one thing above all: Authenticity & Humility. Whether teasing side-blows or a warm embrace, whether drumming bass thunderstorm or melodic euphoria – she knocks things out exactly the way she feels them. Her fans love her for that alone: straightforward, pithy, Bonnie Ford.